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Price: $129/night

Description: The 2017 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite 186RB is a travel trailer that seamlessly combines comfort and practicality for your on-the-road adventures. Ideal for couples or small families, this model boasts a thoughtful layout and modern amenities.


  • Length: Approximately 18 feet, offering a compact yet efficient living space.

  • Sleeping Capacity: Accommodates up to four occupants, featuring a cozy sleeping area for restful nights.

  • Kitchen Amenities: Equipped with a functional kitchen including a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, and ample storage for your culinary needs.

  • Bathroom Facilities: Complete bathroom facilities with a shower, sink, and toilet for added convenience on the road.

  • Dinette Area: Cozy dinette area for meals or entertainment that can convert into additional sleeping space.

  • Entertainment System: Enjoy entertainment with a flat-screen TV and audio system, enhancing your in-trailer experience.

  • Aerodynamic Design: The trailer's aerodynamic profile enhances fuel efficiency and stability during travel.

  • Exterior Features: Awning for outdoor shade, exterior storage compartments, and utility connections for a seamless camping experience.

  • Lightweight Construction: Designed to be lightweight, ensuring easy towing with various vehicles.

  • Efficient Layout: The interior layout is designed for efficiency, maximizing the use of space and creating a comfortable atmosphere.

The 2017 Forest River Salem Cruise Lite 186RB is your ticket to a well-rounded travel experience. From its compact design to modern amenities, it's a versatile companion for your journey, offering both convenience and comfort on the open road.

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