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RV Types

Welcome to our RV Types Page! Explore the diverse world of RV travel trailers, each with its unique characteristics and features. Whether you're a seasoned RV enthusiast or new to the road, this is your gateway to discovering the perfect RV type for your next adventure. From spacious fifth wheel trailers to versatile toy haulers and cozy pop-up campers, we've got it all covered. Dive in and find the ideal RV for your dream journey!

Class A


    A Class A recreational vehicle, or Class A RV, embodies the pinnacle of mobile luxury and adventure. It's the epitome of opulence on wheels, combining the freedom of the open road with the comforts of a high-end home. These rolling abodes are the most substantial motorhomes you can find, resembling opulent tour buses.


     The defining characteristic of a Class A RV is its size. These road giants offer an expansive interior, providing an array of floor plans and layouts that can include spacious living areas, full kitchens with residential-grade appliances, comfortable bedrooms, and well-appointed bathrooms. Class A RVs spare no expense when it comes to lavish finishes and top-quality furnishings, ensuring that travelers experience the ultimate in comfort.

    Driving a Class A RV is an experience of its own. Built on robust chassis, often with robust engines, these vehicles offer powerful performance. The driver's cab is designed for comfort and control, providing a commanding view of the road ahead.

    Class A RVs are versatile and cater to various travel preferences. Whether you're embarking on a cross-country journey, planning an extended road trip, or even considering full-time living, these motorhomes have the space and amenities to accommodate your needs.

    In summary, a Class A RV is a symbol of opulence and adventure, delivering an unmatched combination of space, luxury, and freedom on the open road. It's the embodiment of mobile living at its finest, offering travelers an unparalleled way to explore the world in style.

Class B


    A Class B recreational vehicle, often referred to as a Class B RV or campervan, is the embodiment of compact and versatile travel. These diminutive yet incredibly nimble motorhomes are engineered for those who seek the freedom of the open road without sacrificing the convenience of a more modest, fully functional home on wheels.


    One of the defining characteristics of a Class B RV is its small and maneuverable size. These vehicles are typically built on van chassis, allowing for seamless navigation through both urban streets and off-the-beaten-path destinations. Despite their compact exterior, Class B RVs are ingeniously designed to maximize interior space. They typically include a kitchenette, a cozy sleeping area, and a compact bathroom, often with a shower.


    Class B RVs are the epitome of simplicity and efficiency. They excel at offering the essentials for on-the-go living while retaining the ease of driving a standard van. This compact size also means they're more fuel-efficient and can often park in standard parking spaces, making them versatile for both city escapes and wilderness adventures.


    Whether you're an urban explorer, a road trip enthusiast, or a nature lover, a Class B RV offers the freedom to roam without being tethered to larger, more cumbersome vehicles. These compact marvels are an invitation to experience a minimalist and nomadic lifestyle, offering a unique blend of mobility and comfort for those with a spirit of adventure.

Class C


    A Class C recreational vehicle, commonly known as a Class C RV, represents a harmonious blend of space, mobility, and comfort. It's the Goldilocks of the RV world, offering a "just right" combination of size and amenities. Class C RVs are instantly recognizable by their distinctive cab-over area, which resembles a small bedroom, providing extra sleeping or storage space.


    One of the defining features of a Class C RV is its versatility. These motorhomes are built on a truck or van chassis, offering a comfortable and familiar driving experience. They're more compact than Class A motorhomes but still boast ample interior space. Class C RVs often come with dedicated sleeping areas, a functional kitchen, a bathroom, and a cozy living space.


    The cab-over design is not just a unique aesthetic touch; it serves a practical purpose. This area can be used for additional sleeping space, ideal for families or larger travel groups. Alternatively, it's a versatile storage compartment, perfect for stowing outdoor gear, luggage, or other travel essentials.


    Class C RVs are popular among those who value both mobility and comfort. They're easier to drive and park than Class A RVs, making them a great choice for various travel styles, from weekend getaways to extended road trips. The combination of a truck-like driving experience and a comfortable living area makes Class C RVs a beloved choice for travelers who want the best of both worlds – freedom on the open road and the comfort of a home away from home.

Travel Trailer


    A travel trailer, often referred to simply as a "travel trailer" or "camper," represents the epitome of wanderlust and freedom on the open road. These iconic towable RVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them one of the most versatile and accessible options for adventurers and road-trippers.


    At the heart of a travel trailer is the concept of mobility and self-sufficiency. These RVs are designed to be towed behind a vehicle, from compact trailers to more substantial, home-like models. They offer a flexible living space that can range from simple and minimalist to spacious and luxurious, depending on your preferences and needs.


    One of the advantages of a travel trailer is its detachment from the tow vehicle, which allows for convenient exploration of diverse landscapes. You can unhitch your trailer and use your vehicle for local excursions without the need to pack up and leave your temporary home behind.


    Inside a travel trailer, you'll typically find well-designed living spaces that often include a kitchenette, bathroom facilities, sleeping areas, and dining nooks. They can be fully equipped with modern amenities or provide a more rustic camping experience, depending on the specific model.


    Travel trailers are beloved by a wide spectrum of travelers, from weekend campers to full-time nomads, due to their versatility and affordability. They are a symbol of endless possibilities and the embodiment of the spirit of adventure, enabling you to explore the world while taking the comforts of home along for the journey.

    There are several types of RV travel trailers, each designed to cater to different preferences and needs of travelers. Here are some of the common types of RV travel trailers:

  • Fifth Wheel Trailers

  • Toy Hauling Trailers

  • Pop Up Camper

Toy Hauler


    A toy hauler is the embodiment of adventure and versatility in the world of recreational vehicles (RVs). This unique RV category combines living space with a dedicated cargo area, providing a multifunctional platform for those who want to take their outdoor pursuits to the next level.

    At its core, a toy hauler is designed to transport not just people but also "toys" – think motorcycles, ATVs, dirt bikes, and other gear that fuels the spirit of adventure. It features a spacious, secure cargo area often located at the rear, which can double as a garage. This area typically includes heavy-duty tie-downs and a ramp door for easy loading and unloading.

    What sets toy haulers apart is their adaptability. When the toys are offloaded, this space can transform into additional living quarters. Fold-down beds, convertible seating, and even full kitchens are common features. Essentially, a toy hauler allows you to have the best of both worlds – adventure-ready transportation and comfortable, customizable living space.

    These RVs are a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts who want to bring their passions along for the journey. Whether you're hitting the trails, exploring the backcountry, or attending motorsport events, a toy hauler provides a mobile base camp that accommodates not just your crew but also your gear.

    In summary, a toy hauler is the embodiment of freedom and adventure. It's the perfect companion for those who live for the thrill of the great outdoors and want the convenience of taking their hobbies on the road without compromising on comfort and flexibility.

Fifth Wheel


    A fifth wheel, often referred to as a fifth wheel trailer or 5th wheel RV, is a distinctive and practical type of recreational vehicle (RV) or trailer known for its unique towing mechanism. This innovative design distinguishes it from conventional travel trailers, offering numerous advantages for travelers seeking both space and stability.


    The defining feature of a fifth wheel is the coupling method. Instead of using a traditional trailer hitch, it connects to a specialized hitch located in the bed of a pickup truck. This setup provides enhanced stability, control, and maneuverability, making it a popular choice for long-haul travelers and full-time RVers.


    Fifth wheels are known for their spacious and well-designed interiors. They often feature multiple slide-outs, which expand the living space when parked, providing roomy kitchens, comfortable bedrooms, and sizable bathrooms. These features give travelers the feeling of being in a home rather than a vehicle.


    Moreover, the elevated front section over the hitch area creates a distinct "master bedroom" space, often including a king-sized bed, closets, and ample storage.


    Fifth wheels are favored by those who desire the comforts of home while exploring the open road. They are an excellent choice for extended travel or full-time living due to their spaciousness and amenities. The unique towing mechanism not only enhances stability but also offers ease of towing, making the fifth wheel an exceptional option for travelers looking for a harmonious blend of mobility and comfort.

Pop Up Camper


    A Pop Up camper, often affectionately known as a "pop-up," is a remarkable blend of compactness and comfort, offering an ingenious solution for adventurers who crave the great outdoors without compromising on the conveniences of home. These versatile camping trailers epitomize the spirit of flexibility and mobility.

    The defining feature of a Pop Up camper is its collapsible design. When in transit, it's compact and streamlined, making it easy to tow behind a vehicle. However, upon reaching your campsite, the magic unfolds – the camper "pops up," revealing a surprisingly spacious interior. This transformation is made possible through extendable sidewalls, often equipped with zippered windows and mesh screens, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature while staying protected from the elements.

    Inside a Pop Up camper, you'll discover cozy sleeping areas, a small kitchen or galley, and often a dinette or seating space. Some models offer the luxury of onboard toilets and showers, ensuring you can enjoy a modicum of comfort even when camping in remote locations.

    Pop Up campers are a beloved choice among campers and outdoor enthusiasts who crave the simplicity of tent camping but desire the enhanced protection, comfort, and versatility that these campers provide. Their lightweight design means they can be towed by a variety of vehicles, making them accessible to a wide range of travelers. Whether you're a weekend warrior, a nature lover, or an on-the-go explorer, a Pop Up camper offers the best of both worlds – a compact, effortless travel experience and the charm of camping beneath the stars.

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