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Price: $149/night

Description: The 2020 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite 261BHXL is the perfect travel companion for families and outdoor enthusiasts looking for an affordable, lightweight, and comfortable way to explore the great outdoors. This travel trailer offers a smart design that maximizes space, making it an ideal choice for both short getaways and extended vacations.


  • Exterior Length: Approximately 30 to 32 feet, providing ample living and sleeping space.

  • Exterior Width: Typically around 8 feet, allowing for easy towing and maneuverability.

  • Exterior Height: Generally in the range of 11 to 12 feet, ensuring ample headroom inside.

  • Sleeping Capacity: The 261BHXL floorplan is designed to accommodate up to eight occupants, making it suitable for families or groups.

  • Lightweight Design: The X-Lite series is known for being lightweight, making it compatible with a wide range of tow vehicles.

  • Bunk Beds: The 261BHXL model features bunk beds, perfect for families with children or those traveling with friends.

  • Full Kitchen: A well-equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, three-burner stove, oven, and a double sink, providing the ability to prepare meals on the go.

  • Private Bedroom: A private bedroom area with a comfortable bed for a peaceful night's rest.

  • Bathroom: A full bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet, and storage space.

  • Dinette: A dinette for comfortable dining and relaxation.

  • Entertainment System: Equipped with entertainment features, including a TV, radio, and speakers for indoor enjoyment.

  • Awning: An exterior awning for outdoor shade and protection from the elements.

  • Generous Freshwater Capacity: With a freshwater tank capacity of around 40-52 gallons, ensuring you have enough water for your journey.

  • Black and Gray Water Tanks: Typical tank capacities for wastewater range from 30 to 32 gallons.

  • Exterior Storage: Exterior compartments for storage, allowing you to bring outdoor gear and essentials.

  • Climate Control: Heating and cooling systems to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

The 2020 Forest River Wildwood X-Lite 261BHXL offers a balance between comfort, functionality, and affordability, making it a great choice for families and travelers who seek an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience.

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